Child Ministry

Unlocking potential in every child, through faith and love. Blessing Hand for Kids has been preparing young and adults for the kingdom of God. We provide them free education, free food, cloth the naked and provide a safe shelter so called they can call a home.

Humanitarian Projects

Pakistan comes in the list of those countries which are always surrounded by multiple challenges. Poverty and Inflation are one of the highest challenges faced by more than 27% of the whole population. Blessing Hand for Kids tries to be Hope for many of such victims and tries to provide Food Parcel, Clothing and things which are used regularly. We are trying to tackle the most Needy and Downtrodden.

Feeding Souls

Blessing Hand for Kids is nourishing the body and mind through spiritual food. With our team we are reaching to those who are far from God. We do door to door preaching along with the Street preaching. We baptize them in the name of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ and welcome them in our open Churches. We are seeking the will of God to bless us with the Church building .